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Train3D Developer Update 2020-09-14

Quick developer update. I'm working on a list of items that I want in place before I release the first demo video. Some items I've identified include:

  • Road vehicles need to rotation when driving up/down hills
  • I need a new model and textures for road passenger stations
  • Road passenger stations need a better animation to correctly slot loading/unloading vehicles
  • There is some strangeness with zoom levels and land heights that I'd like to improve
  • I've tried trees in the past but want to try some again with the new texture atlas that should significantly improve performance and the ability to batch items

There are also a couple of outstanding bugs to resolve:

  • Terrain smoother is missing a specific class of tiles that would significantly improve the look after the hill tool is used.
  • Hill tool is allow land height to change even when roads and buildings are already in place
  • Terrain editing is possible with the game paused (maybe this is a feature? or optional feature?)
  • Save game need to correctly save camera location and zoom levels