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Back in October 2022, I predicted that Apple would be using a transparency mode similar to the audio transparency mode in AirPods Pro. Today, Apple showed off the Apple Vision Pro to the public. My pr
This is the first of a new developer log about building a transportation game in Unity. I've posted some preview videos before but I decided to add some narration and context to the videos this time.
I recently received a pair of AirPod Pros as a gift. I was happy with my regular AirPods but pleasantly surprised by the noise cancellation options offered by the new Pro version. There is a little bi
It's been quite a while since I've posted an update. I took a step back when I realized bridges and tunnels plus road crossings at grade were making things very complicated and causing lots of one-off
May 2021 Progress Report.All Artwork is developer and not finalThis is from Alpha version 0.1 which I hope to provide as a tech demo in the near futureThe core engine is functioning well. There is ple
Here's a short video preview of the track building tool that I've been testing in an early alpha version of Train Game 3D. The track tool lets you select a starting point at the edges of a tile. Then,
Video preview of early alpha version of Train Game 3D. Artwork not final. This video shows some of the work on the bus stations to allow 3 bays for loading/unloading. Buses wait for an available bay b
Developer Update: I've got some basic traffic management at intersections now. The vehicles had traffic management to space out and follow each other but would drive right through each other at inters
Here's the first video preview of the land engine in an early alpha version of Train3D. It shows off the tile based land engine and some of the tools that can be used to manipulate the world.
Train3D has the possibility for dozens to hundreds to thousands of vehicles all running around the map. Each vehicle has its own set of orders and follows a route but road vehicles need to share the s